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What is safe to post?

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asked Jul 29 in Guide's by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
I keep a notepad running for everything I learn in cky.  I've compiled some lists of preferred gear "recipes",  tier quality success/fail,  how to speed thru ***/crack all classes across multiple accounts,  troll items,  some combinations of gear/tier with worthwhile benefits,  interesting boss farming techniques,  again I started season 10 with the blacksmith leveled up so I have notes on what I did for that,  and I have some partial lists that I need others to add to (raw), max damage recipes,  speed recipes,.... I'm a media arts major so pictures are part if my plan.


Is there anything we are off rip not allowed to post?  I caught on to why answers are vague here (my post got narrowed down  to "junk weapon".  Laughed good on that one.)


One other thing:

Is it remotely possible to do character model swaps?

I've done this in other games,  well,  wilsonzo made the model trainer...

I tjink itd be cool to have maybe.... A goblin model as the character.

Which brings me to many more combined questions with chaotic tier qualities.


In short,  is there a direct line of realtime contact to the guy I'm directing my questions at?  Part of this involves a willingness to pay for certain realities in d3. No it doesn't include a necro.  Thsnx for putting up with my crap.

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answered Jul 29 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,872 points)  
selected Jul 30 by Dawnofhumansend
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Taking notes is good, sharing notes is good I don't think you quite get the purpose of this website in the way that you think. The reason why everything is so vague is because everybody who uses the application needs to learn how to use it and learn what they're doing. If I tell you how to do everything than I am doing it for you and you are learning nothing.. having reference material is always a good thing but when you rely on the reference material then it's no longer reference material and a way of doing things..


If you make a post and the community sees that the post is inaccurate they will remove it. If your post is edited by a moderator or administrator the moderator or administrator will not hide the fact that they edited your post case in point when I change your your post about the weapon to junk weapon I let you know that I edited it because it says edited by me..

I'm going to go ahead and answer your other question right now because I'm throwing your post off topic. The answer to your question about why some characters have the information in them and some characters don't is because if the save file doesn't have the information in it then the Save Editor cannot show you the information. Like all computers information in information out if you don't Supply the proper information you're not going to get the proper information back out of it.


As far as the addressing me directly there are multiple ways to do it, you can use the send feedback link, you can use the site here you can look in your receipt and pull up the phone number. look in your receipt and pull up the pull up the address. you can look in your receipt and pull up the email. my email personally. Yes on this website we remove all email addresses all gamertags all personally identifiable information that identifies to you to allow other people to contact youfrom this website. there's a reason for that it will cause and does cause problems for you..


If you post your email in here and a spider grabs your email and start spamming you it's not my problem or my fault so to protect you the user I will remove all email addresses all gamertags all everything.. me my administrators and my moderators all are looking out for me and you together working together and keeping this community in check. the community needs to keep itself in check. that is why this is a communal Point Based system it is controlled by the community.. If someone downvotes your post because they didn't like the content that was in it then that is their prerogative somebody up votes your post because they liked the content that was in it that is their prerogative.
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