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closed higher basic weapon than 76410?

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asked Aug 6 in General by DeathRiderX Plebeian (13 points)  
closed Aug 6 by DeathRiderX
I want to know if its possible to create a higher basic weapon (3 sockets, no stones) than 76410. I ask this because if its possible i will search more and hopefully get it how to build it, or do i just waste my time ^^


Thanks for all answers.
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answered Aug 6 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,908 points)  
selected Aug 6 by DeathRiderX
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Have you searched here for high damage weapons?

If you  math a little you will note that there are diminishing returns on all items.

you should not work with the the base weapon alone you should work all items including the socketed gems as a whole, if you have 7 lines on the weapon and 7 lines on a gem and the 2 lines on the other 2 gems plus the damage that is added from the rubies you have to work it all together

7+7+2-1(for sockets) =15 total lines for damage and damage %split up and mathed so that diminishing returns don't hit

now you have 100 + (270 * 2) = 440 as a base then you can start adding everything from here

7 total lines of 40% damage = 280%

15 - 7 = 9

9 damage lines

then add it all together

Math is amazing no trial and error just add a number until the number stops going up.

splinting the weapon down to just the weapon  and the gems separately is not the way to do this you have to build it as a whole its a complete waste of time to make 60 swords and then use these 3 gems to socket and say ok this is the highest one when you can just math it and say ok if I have all of this on these 4 items  this is the overall outcome..
commented Aug 6 by DeathRiderX Plebeian (13 points)  
Thanks for the fast answer. I will try the way you explained and you're totally right math is amazing.

I thought i have to see everything as a single part and then just Add all together.


Thanks a lot
commented Aug 7 by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
I can confirm that an unsocketed weapon with 76410 damage is not  the highest.  I got an 86k to spawn.  

The base weapon I used was I think aritherwing something (adds attack speed and forcefully repeals demons) its a sword. Im not entirely sure what tier quality I used but I was messing around with different base weapons and junk and other random stuff.  I'm pretty sure it wasnt pro Russian fast either cause that produces a consistent 76k.  I'm not subbed ATM so I can't begin to try reproduction.  

Note* I observed a huge performance difference with said 86k weapon.  The Dmg shown up top looked good but scrolling Down the Dmg at the bottom wasy less that 16, 122(which shows on a 76k weapon)  furthermore I spawned one with only 56k Dmg up top but at the bottom showed 35, 000. In game the 86k weapon was so powerful after socketing I threw it away. Looked good but totally weak.  Dont know why.   The 56k wespon after socketing produced in game damage of (highest I saw)  1x10^28. ( my chars are 19k paragon.)
commented Aug 8 by Mairhouse Untarnished (483 points)  

Love the use of "math" as a verb ... lol yes

commented Aug 8 by DeathRiderX Plebeian (13 points)  
Thanks for the Input i will try some items and have a look at their effects.
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