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closed How to Open The VisualItem Collection editor?

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asked Aug 7 in General by Exolin_ Good (17 points)  
closed Aug 16 by CKY
When U reach to the raw tab And u go To digest and then Visual Equipment, How do u open the Visualitem collection Editor.






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1 Answer

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answered Aug 8 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
Look under site help then guides. But on the right side you'll see (...) Push that

Also please use the questions not the polls

Thank you
commented Aug 8 by Exolin_ Good (17 points)  
where? i didnt find any ...
commented Aug 8 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
Once you hit the visual it drops down, then click that and look all the way in the right you'll see them
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