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closed application cant be started error

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asked Aug 8 in General by Darderal Good (15 points)  
closed Sep 13 by Niko1199

im having issues getting the editor to load, everytime i click it, it states "this application can not be started - do you want to view information about this issue"

i have downloaded the saveEdit agian and still get the same issue.

i have the full version and it worked perfect a day ago but when i went to log in again it just wouldnt work

please help :-)
closed with the note: Answered
commented Aug 8 by Darderal Good (15 points)  
ok, give me a few mins, ill go and unistall everything and see if it had some kind of error on the program and start again, if that doesnt work ill take a screen shot. hopefully i dont loose all the bits and bobs i have made :-)
commented Aug 8 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
If they are in your locker file they can be moved if needed
commented Aug 8 by Darderal Good (15 points)  
ok so.. it looks like i had some kind of file corruption. i have removed the program and re installed fully and it seems to be fine up to now.

i really appreciate the very fast replies, very good customer service thank you.

also i hope this may help other in the future, removing all programs including horion and re installing from scratch did the trick. and i still have all data so it didnt cause any issue there either.

kind regards

commented Aug 8 by Darderal Good (15 points)  
oh regarding locker. mine doesnt work..

everything i put in just doesnt appear. and it looses everything every time i pay my subscription :-( so i dont use it
commented Aug 8 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
Most welcome, glad you're all fixed up. Happy modding.
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