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Diablo3ROS keeps crashing whenever I try to play local co-op

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asked Aug 8 in General by JimStruthersMeanFace Plebeian (9 points)  
I modded a few items for mine and my sons hero. just a couple weapons and rings. We were playing just fine, got to Act 2 and he went to his mothers house. I modded one more item the next day and went to load up pur characters. My single players worked and works just fine. As soon as I try to join with his hero, it crashes. I've tried it with his hero being the primary and me joining and it crashes. I've ben trying from the start screen and it will get to the loading screen with the little red diamonds and it freezes about 5 seconds in. I can play single player with both heros with ZERO problems. seems odd to me. thanks for any help.
commented Aug 8 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
What system and what level are the characters?
commented Aug 9 by JimStruthersMeanFace Plebeian (9 points)  
PS3, thought i put that in there, whoops. was tired last night.

My wizard is level 42 and his crusader is level 35.

1 Answer

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answered Aug 9 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
You'll need to be level 70 before you can play together with modded gear. Ps3 has been like this for some time now
commented Aug 11 by JimStruthersMeanFace Plebeian (9 points)  
Thanks for the answer
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