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closed Visual trick#4 The vanishing sun

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asked Aug 9 in Guide's by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
closed Sep 13 by Niko1199
I have strong interest in odd textures but totally forgot to mention this one.  Didn't see it in the guides. If it is there please terminate this post.


This works for monk (did not try on others)

Create gear from  innas set and in mystic tab transmog to illusory boot and or gloves of worship as if to make blackout.  The inna pieces will be invisible when epuipped.  Looks kinda cool.

If done only on the gloves and make weapons transmog to blade of Ill will u get a sort of double arm amputee monk with blade wings for arms.


Note*attempting to dye the invisible parts ingame results in hi res pink.
closed with the note: Use your brain.
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