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closed NASA'S guide to immortality.

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asked Aug 9 in Guide's by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
closed Sep 13 by Niko1199

Things needed:

Fabio3 Ros on xb1 & xbox360

USB memory stick

Hor -xbox360 tool

KY Fabio3 ros editor

A pc

Full KY access. 

And a space ship. 


To make immortal deities a skilled astronaut should do the following:

Step 1

Create a warrior.  Does not matter which.  Play until you can assign 1 point to each paragon category.  Be sure to save game on USB. 


take data out of 360 and go to pc.  Make new folder called "fresh extract".  Open xbox360 HOR and navigate to your save and "extract all" to the new folder. 


In KY open your save and change the class of your character to a new class. Save character,  save all. 


In Xbox HOR go to hero folder and rightclick your warrior,  select "replace" then choose the character file from the fresh folder.  Save,  rehash.  Load game into 360 and repeat all steps (but create new warriors for all classes you want to give *** powers)  until you have swapped all classes and assigned 1 point each category.  



In Xbox hor extract data again,  replacing old files. 

Load save in KY.  IN UNKNOWN proceed to max all stats for the warrior with all the points assigned.  Save warrior with the desired class. 


In Xbox hor replace your  hero file with the newly maxed one.  Save.  Go back to KY and change the altered hero to a new class then go to RAW/CONSOLE/HERO HI ID. LO ID........ AND change a few digits in the lo id.   save.  Now go back to horizon and select a non altered hero file and replace it with the already altered one.  Repeat until all heroes have been swapped with the altered hero file.  Remember to change a few digits in lo id each time you change the class or your heroes will be duplicates. 


Save all in Xbox HOR then load game.  Each hero should now be deified.  Test each one by selecting them.  If the Ihero changes back to a previous one you missed the lo id. 


Enjoy the view from space. 


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