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closed Double damage Gem of Ease? and possibly other LGems.

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asked Aug 11 in General by Ecko Plebeian (13 points)  
closed Aug 11 by Ecko
Someone had duped me a weapon that had 500k dmg. It was showing 5 attacks per second. Assuming Pro Russian Fast Sword as tier.

I tried recreating the same thing. Same amount of +Damage and +% Damage.

The base weapon was the same. All the stats for the gems are the same.

The GoE that I created would only bring the weapon to about 300k.

I noticed that the damage for the other weapon was 121k and mine was 70k. (Text above 5.00 attacks per second)

So i removed the gems from the 500k weapon I had received and used them on mine. The result was 500k dmg on my weapon.

It was the GoE, and somehow it nearly doubled the stats of my GoE. Is there something Im missing? How is it so much more?


I guess that the answer to my question is to use a tier. I read somewhere that junk 2h axe is best.
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commented Aug 11 by Mairhouse Untarnished (483 points)  
What was your tier on the GoE?
commented Aug 11 by Ecko Plebeian (13 points)  
That's what im trying to figure out. I didn't use a tier. I just read that i should use a weapon?
commented Aug 15 by Mairhouse Untarnished (483 points)  
Correct. Use a high damage weapon as the GoE tier.
commented Oct 22 by Ryguy4201985 Handy (25 points)  
I'm having this issue too for every  goe i make.  I can't figure out which tier to use for the gem? A easy answer is appreciative. The forums are not giving me the answer???? It looks like the same issue I found on this question but never gave a answer to which tier weapon to use for goe????
commented Oct 23 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,908 points)  
edited Oct 24 by Mairhouse

Ryguy4201985 THe never a striaght answer approach (NASA) of this forum is to make everyone think and learn if you have the higher damage weapon as 

commented Aug 15 by Mairhouse 

Correct. Use a high damage weapon as the GoE tier.

Use any high damage weapon you want. If you can't find what the damages are then use the tooltips.

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