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asked 6 days ago in Guide's by W Brilliant (85 points)  
reshown 6 days ago by Doug

In JUNK section I find:

- Power-Up Attack Speed

- Power-Up Cooldown Reset

- Power-Up Damage

- Power-Up Invulnerability

- Power-Up Stealth

This all affix? And it can be worked and applied in Weapon and Armor? If yes how to apply with its

2 Answers

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answered 6 days ago by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,796 points)  
These are leftovers from d2 and d3 pc alphas they used to drop as a vial that you could consume but now do nothing but they are in the game so they are listed as junk. Play with them and see if they still come in as an item or get converted to something else...
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answered 6 days ago by Dawnofhumansend Master (157 points)  
Confirmed can spawn and use.  No noticeable effect but one makes you glow.
commented 6 days ago by W Brilliant (85 points)  
Oh would like to try, could you advice me how to use it, just drop it then we take it as consumable item like health portion

and in programs, we create it as a consumable items?
commented 6 days ago by Dawnofhumansend Master (157 points)  
Unusable items can from.  Otherwise use in inventory.  Be sure yo give them unique names.
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