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request a refund

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asked Sep 10 in General by gokira Plebeian (9 points)  
as stated i want my money this program does not even see my files
commented Sep 10 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,840 points)  
Are you using a ps3 file?
commented Sep 11 by King Plebeian (9 points)  
if your trying to decrypt the ps4 save file will not work....u need a ps3 with the ros game and a decryption tool in order mod the game and to turn it into a ps4 save...or if u are on xbox u need a 360 with the ros game in order to turn into a xbox one save ...without the 360 or the ps3 u cant use the program ..if u have all the right things in order to mod diablo u should be a oooo kay

2 Answers

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answered Sep 11 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,840 points)  
You had to agree to the ToS and it states that there is no refunds. If you didn't read the ToS nor read what is required to use the program nor the fact that one clearly say PS3 Decryption Tool, I'm not seeing how this is in any way shape or form how your file is not able to be read by the program that is used by thousands of people.
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answered Sep 14 by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
Bruh..... put some time into it. My first 30 days was blown just figuring out for to use the editor. Try harder.
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