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Anyone figured out the lightening on feet?

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asked Sep 25 in General by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  

I saw it in some thread or another and for the life of me can't figure out how it was done (even the recipe posted yields zero result)


A barbarian all blacked out, with lightening under his feet similar to "burn the ground".

Recipe listed was to use alabaster glove on boot trans.

Didn't work. I've tried using the visual>raw>...... method but got nothing.

Might as well spill my other questions too...

RIFT ORBS. A while back a player joined my game and instantly a guardian spawned in town. Clearly the player didn't use ORBS from inventory  (would have taken longer)

So anyone know another way to do this? Curioys if theres an area in the editor that deals with rift orb count.


2 Anyone found a way to have more than 3 cube powers active?


3 can a basic weapon (edited to be primal ancient) be augmented via cube?  

All my stuff is primal ancient but transmute fails using every leg gem (lv 50-150) and the flawless royals.  Wondering if there's something about my gear. Here's a item set up.


Tragul fang Soket x3 

Dmg flood


Leg lv 70

Identified primaI ancient

Rarity 9

Mys  blood >dmg 40%

Trans reapers kiss


I've tried all leg gems lv 50  and lv 150​​​​​​​

Flawless royals ruby,and the yellow one .


Thanks for any advice.


I've spent plenty time in the guide section about the cube augment but no success so I'm left figuring out if my gear is just fubar 



1 Answer

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answered Sep 26 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,840 points)  
No there is no way to get more then 3 cube powers, unless it is an affix that can be added to your gear but that's not using the cube.

No, base weapons have to be upgraded to legendary before they can be augmented.

For the tranmute you may need to have it so it's enchantable.

So for the rift Guardian, you'll need to pay with things to figure that out.
commented Sep 26 by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
Thanx for weapons I'm having still issues with augmenting. Most users ive met are focused on speed gear, or just gear in general so ive leaned toward fun stuff like spawning monsters, tables, troll items in general, visual stuff... now I'm more interested in areas such as: (someone mentioned using cube powers that weren't highlighted) so theoretically there's a touchable "list" in cky for cube powers leading me to believe there are other lists. I found the passives "list" and it can be "touched".


Still nothing on those lightening feet....
commented Sep 26 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,840 points)  
I can ask a friend of mine that's the best visual modder I know, about the feet.
commented Oct 3 by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
That'd be great, thanks. Subbing in again later today . This caldesanns despair thing is itching my brain.
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