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closed buying the editor

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asked Sep 28 in General by Ryguy4201985 Handy (25 points)  
closed Nov 3 by Niko1199
when i go to buy the editor i get to the checkout and after entering the card info the next thing is shipping info, why does it need a shipping address? did i miss something or does it ask for email after?
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commented Sep 28 by Ryguy4201985 Handy (25 points)  
edited Sep 29 by Ryguy4201985
just wanting to know so i can go ahead and buy it. just thought it needed to be email? Going to work soon, i just want to know if what im doing is right on the buying?? just confused on payment??
commented Sep 29 by Ryguy4201985 Handy (25 points)  
Do I need to reask the question? I see normally every thing gets answered in a timely fashion. I want to be a paying customer, help please??????????

1 Answer

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answered Sep 29 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,872 points)  
Billing address and shipping address should match it is a level of Fraudulent Activity Protection.. you must fill it out..
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