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closed Something change recently in the tool?

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asked Oct 6 in Application Issues by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
closed Nov 3 by Niko1199
Editing this morning and all the description text turned to numbers, then I got a prompt to update the app.

Got to download page

The suggested download on the left downloaded as an invalid zip. The one on the right went fine. Re did the tos, signed in again.  

I've gotten the flashing update banner twice.

Anything to worry about?
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1 Answer

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answered Oct 6 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,872 points)  
Run malware bytes
commented Oct 8 by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
"MB"  is a mainstay on my pc. Never run anything without it. I notice no difference in the newly downloaded version but still there's one on the page that downloaded as an invalid zip several times, and as an empty zip a few times. Just wondering why  the editor gave me an update flasher. Once when I subbed again, and then again .
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