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closed Amulet with 8k stats on each like strength, vitality, dexterity, intelligance etc.

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asked Oct 12 in Guide's by Ryguy4201985 Handy (25 points)  
closed Nov 3 by Niko1199
I've gotten pretty much everything down. Making weapons armor etc. But I can't seem to find out how to make this item. I've seen friends make it on here and won't share how they did it cause they do this for profit. I do it for fun. I'd really take any info if anyone knows how to make this amulet! Thanks
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1 Answer

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answered Oct 12 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,840 points)  
reshown Oct 25 by CKY
If you search the forum you'll find what you are looking for.
commented Oct 25 by ThiagoAdami Good (19 points)  
edited Oct 25 by Niko1199
Hey dude it's very simple!
commented Oct 25 by Ryguy4201985 Handy (25 points)  
reshown Oct 25 by Doug
Thanks man, I figured it out already, but do you know what tier to use for the strongest gem of ease. I've tried everything it seems like and my damage stays around 300k with the gem, have some that get 700k with same stats but I'm sure I'm using the wrong tier?
commented Oct 25 by Ryguy4201985 Handy (25 points)  
Any specific tier that gets weapon around 700k?
commented Oct 25 by Ryguy4201985 Handy (25 points)  
Thanks man, it's what I was looking for!! Yay
commented Oct 25 by Niko1199 Supreme Overlord (1,404 points)  
Hi there! After reviewing the posted answers to the above question I had to do some pruning! The answer given was specific to a degree that is was removing the educational purposes of the editor. By doing so it infringed upon the ToS that everyone agrees to. Please in the future refrain from giving such specific answers as is may place the project at jeopardy for everyone. Thank you have have a good day.
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