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closed ps3/ ps4 decrypter problems.

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asked Oct 24 in General by Darderal Good (15 points)  
closed Nov 3 by Niko1199
Hi, im in need of some advice, im using the ps3 decrypter but having issues.


i use the editor make the items etc etc change paragon, stash amount, all the baisics. save everything, encrypt then take usb to ps3, copy save to system. then log on and go straight to "export" then log onto ps4 and "importt" but one i get there im having troubles... when i log on i can not access adventure mode even though i have added all the quests in quest history.. and i have absolutely no items that i placed in stash and in the characters inventory. my lvl is 70 but i can not kill anything on normal difficulty.. what am i doing wrong? pleeeease help..
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commented Oct 25 by Niko1199 Supreme Overlord (1,404 points)  
Do you have team viewer installed on your pc.

1 Answer

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answered Oct 24 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,908 points)  
You didn't unlock adventure mode in game...

account -> general -> flags 1012
commented Oct 24 by Darderal Good (15 points)  
Flag was already set, also that doesn’t explain why my stash and inventory was empty, done the usual way in editor making sure to save and the item creation location is stash, or inventory. Saved, then encrypted again, once imported on PS4 I go in game and I’m lvl 70 on the character screen but once it loads it reverts to lvl 1 again and I cant even kill a mob on normal difficulty, I get one shorted every time. Then I updated quests and started on act 5 in town but not a single item in stash or inventory.
commented Oct 26 by ThiagoAdami Good (19 points)  
if i were you, i'd start all over. erase the file, create your new character, talk to Lea and than save the game. Go back to the editor, set the paragon, flag 1012 and you character lvl 69. than you go back to ps3 to distribute your paragon points. done that kill something to change your character to lvl 70. save the game and go back to the editor. if you have the paid version, you can mod everything you want. if it's not your case i believe you will be able to mod some stuff.

now let me ask something! Did you do this? Did you copy the save to your ps3 and exported without hitting continue the game or you continue and later export the game?
commented Oct 26 by ThiagoAdami Good (19 points)  
i still don't know how much i can help. sorry if i do something wrong.
commented Oct 26 by Darderal Good (15 points)  
Hi, i did as you said and started again, erased the files and all seems to be working now. thank you, and no i didnt enter the game on ps3 i just loaded and exported, seemed like it was just a corrupted file, but works for now. :-) thank you
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