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closed Add all attributes gear?

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asked Oct 29 in General by Xcier Good (19 points)  
closed Nov 3 by Niko1199
I joined someone the other day and noticed that they had an armor piece on that said !!!missing!!! add all attributes, however, I would not know where to look for this in the editor. If anyone can help me I would really like to test the difference between it and the gear I have on now. I would also appreciate knowing what this effect does and why it gives the player such insane status.

Also, I would like to ask about what gear piece adds the most armor to a character I am sorry as I have just bought the editor and there is so much more stuff to work with now.


Thank you for your time and help.
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answered Oct 31 by ThiagoAdami Good (19 points)  
check shields in genreal for tier quality. you may find what you're looking for.
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