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Stormshield is wrong

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asked Nov 19 in General by Sephiroth Plebeian (13 points)  
There is something wrong with the Stromshield in the editor. All Stormshield versions from the editor are different than Stormshield currently dropping from the game. Stormshield has no built-in elite damage reduction currently, it only has melee damage reduction. Other Stormshield version in the editor are also wrong/diffrent and/or older than the current in-game version. Rerolling them (Stormshields from editor) gives weird (not possible) results. Please add the correct Stormshield.
commented Nov 19 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,908 points)  
load the one marked 2.2.0 in the game with nothing on it  is it the correct version?
commented Nov 20 by SnakeEx Crackerjack (43 points)  
what about the yangs recurve 2.6.1 is avaliable ?

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