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New Items in Updated Editor

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asked Jan 6 in General by DreadExplorer Crackerjack (43 points)  
Hey all.


Thinking of renewing for a month or 2. Been busy with work.

I read on the forums about a new pet being available, wickerman?

I did some searching to no avail so I came here.

I was wondering if there's a list or something of the sort, which lists new items etc in the newest editor?

Thanks for the replies

1 Answer

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answered Jan 7 by King Supreme Overlord (1,023 points)  
edited Jan 7 by King
you have to go in there and pull them in....some do have the patch # next to them like say 2.2.0 etc there all in there just some will pill in and some will not ... you just have to go in the editor and pull them in to find which one can be used and which ones cant be used
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