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Newer version of paid editor won't open. Please help.

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asked Jan 7 in Application Issues by Arcadian Plebeian (9 points)  

Could someone please help me troubleshoot this?


I've been using the newest release of the editor with a subscription for about 2 months with no issues.


Now when I click the icon to open the application, it shows a loading icon, then does nothing.

I've tried:

- Running the app as administrator.

- Downloading the program again.

- Restarting my computer multiple times.

- Running compatibility tests (Windows 8)


Any help will be greatly appreciated.
commented Jan 7 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,850 points)  
We are looking into this now

1 Answer

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answered Jan 7 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,850 points)  
edited Jan 8 by CKY
We are going to need you to reply to the email sent to you.
commented Jan 8 by Arcadian Plebeian (9 points)  
Thank you for your help!

To anyone interested, it turns out I had the app in a folder that was preventing the editor from launching.

I moved my files to my desktop, and triple checked the permissions, and it's working smoothly now.
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