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Test rings no seeing them?

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asked Jan 8 in General by chimpawoo Good (23 points)  
So ive been reading guides and watching youtubes and other things.  When i go to rings there are no test ring 504 or 516 or any it is a bunch of random other ones, is this something that has to be manually done? i dont see them in the ring drop down list.  Thanks ahead of time

1 Answer

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answered Jan 8 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,850 points)  
Look under developer armor
commented Jan 8 by chimpawoo Good (23 points)  
Yea i should have stated i found it when i was looking under developor armor :D thanks for the reply though.



While i have your ear, any chance to be able to have 2 hand crossbows equiped with the same legendary gem inside of them?  since gem of ease is the only legendary gem using 2 different hand crossbows it wouldnt allow me to equip with the legendary gems socketed.
commented Jan 8 by King Supreme Overlord (1,023 points)  
i'm not doug but , you can not put the gem of ease in two weapon's and  equip them . you may only have one equip at a time...
commented Jan 9 by chimpawoo Good (23 points)  
Is there any way i can achieve desired outcome? or is this a hard impossible to somehow get a different legendary into a weapon? aka should i give up the fight for this one and move on?
commented Jan 9 by King Supreme Overlord (1,023 points)  
no the gem of ease is the only legendary gem that can go into a weapon.
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