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closed How to make Damage Weapons

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asked May 4 in Guide's by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
closed Jun 8 by Doug
Total of affix lines=15 usable....1 is sockets

9 lines of damage.....2325x9=20925dmg
6 lines of % damage=240%

20925+240%=71,145 damage NOTICE ITS "+" 240% not "x" 240%

71145x5 aps= 355,725 damage per second

Where you put the damage and %damage are immaterial as long as you have the totals correct. (ie. 4 damage and 1 %damage on weapon, 5 damage and 2 %damage on legendary gem, and %dam on 2 regular gems.) Or whatever combination you want.

It can end up slightly higher than this as I didn't include the 100 base damage of the weapon or the 540 damage IF you use red gems.
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commented Jun 8 by starofazkaranth Handy (27 points)  
I tried searching in the forums for "attacks" and "aps" before posting here - so: where do I find the 5 APS to put on the items? All I see is 0.25 - 0.3 Attacks Per Second affix..

Hope my question makes sense

Many thanks!
commented Jun 8 by FutureXP Knowing (73 points)  
prefs, the quality under flags, set to fast sword then u get the 5 aps
commented Jun 10 by starofazkaranth Handy (27 points)  
Thank you! One final question if I may - I am guessing that the gems need to be inserted within the D3 Save Editor application, otherwise when loading it in game, the stats will all vanish. How do I load a stat-modded gem into this weapon? Many thanks!
commented Jun 10 by FutureXP Knowing (73 points)  
transfer only the items, non socket. put the gems in game into it, then it work.Or u go to ps3 or xbox 360 load the game play if u get a item with 3 sockel. put gems in and load the item into the editor, then u can also change affixes on it. but the best way is sockel the gems in the game
commented Jun 10 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,908 points)  

 @starofazkaranth You do not need to add the gems in the editor. You can do it in game just have to have one of the gem you want to insert on you  1 and only 1. 

APS inflates everything and is unless.

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answered Jun 8 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
It would be the Russian Fast Sword under developer weapons, that's what gives you the 5aps.
commented Jun 14 by starofazkaranth Handy (27 points)  

Guys, I think I am missing something; there’s so much going on so let me write it down. You experts out there please verify and correct where needed – hopefully it will help me and other newbies like me.

  1. Add a New Item. Choose Gbid as any weapon of your choice. Set the following Properties initially –
    1. Item Level: 1
    2. Legendary Level: 70
    3. Rarity: Legendary
    4. Tier Quality: Professional Russian’s Fast Sword
  2. On the Main Tab, Add 4 lines of #-# Damage (do not choose the Patch Y-Y, at least yet), 1 line of Sockets (3) and 1 line of 10-40% Damage
  3. Leave the Mystic Tab alone
  4. Add enough Death’s Breath, Forgotten Souls to your inventory.
  5. Add Flawless Royal Rubies in your inventory (Tier 19, since we will be loading this in game)
  6. Save Item, Save hero, Save All and Exit the editor.
  7. Use Horizon to load changes back into USB device.
  8. Load USB save into Xbox 360, and launch Diablo 3 ROS.
  9. Enter game with the same hero. Use the Mystic lady to enchant the % Damage till you get the perfect 40% Damage.
  10. Once you get it, stop.
  11. Insert 3 Rubies into the 3 Sockets.
  12. Save and Exit game.
  13. Move game to USB drive.
  14. Launch, Horizon, extract the save, and all contents and load game in CKY Editor.
  15. Duplicate this item as many times you want and copy a few to your locker or wherever you want to for safekeeping.
  16. Now make the changes as suggested in the next 3 steps for one of the weapons -
  17. Main Tab:
    1. Add 3 lines of Damage affixes. Use the Patch Y-Y affixes (max 2325 Damage)
    2. Leave the Sockets (3) as is.
    3. Add 1 line of Critical Hit Damage (the max 220% one)
    4. Copy the enchanted, new affix from Mystic Tab to one of the Affix lines on Main Tab. That is, replace the originally inserted 10-40% Damage affix line with the one copied from the Mystic Tab. Leave the Mystic Tab alone – don’t make any changes.
  18. Properties Tab:
    1. No changes, unless you want to – like Rarity, or set Flag to Ancient if you want to augment later.
  19. Mystic Tab:
    1. Leave the Mystic Tab alone.
  20. Rubies Tab:
    1. For each, Ruby, change the GBid to Tier 10 Flawless Royal Ruby (Patch 2.3.0)
    2. In the Main Tab, make similar changes to the one for the weapon’s main tab (use the calcs in the original post up above for reference)
    3. Always copy the % Damage from the weapon’s Mystic Tab.
  21. Use Horizon to load changes back into USB device.
  22. Load USB save into Xbox 360, and launch Diablo 3 ROS.
  23. DO NOT ENTER GAME. Export Save.
  24. Import Save into your Xbox one – and there we will have our new high DPS item.

I sorta tried this once before I had to travel for work, and it didn’t seem to work. I think what I might have done wrong (and wish the experts would correct me) is that I am copying the perfect 40% Damage affix from the Mystic Tab instead of the Main Tab. I don’t know. Hopefully I'll get answers before the weekend!

I thank you for your time reading the above and helping me craft a weapon

commented Jun 14 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
Coping the %damage from the mystic tab will not go be you a perfect 40% on the main lines. So no you don't always copy mystic.

Why are you adding critical hit damage to your weapon, that should be maxed out on other gear, never your weapon.

Critical hit damage Mex: 900%

Critical hit Chance max: 75%
commented Jun 14 by starofazkaranth Handy (27 points)  
I get the part about crit dmg and chc. Can you confirm that we have to copy the perfect affix from the main tab and not the mystic tab please?
commented Jun 14 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
You can but it doesn't guarantee that you a perfect roll on the main tab. This has been talked about many times before.
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