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closed Not able to create/mod The Swami - patch 2.3

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asked Jun 3 in General by starofazkaranth Handy (27 points)  
closed Jun 4 by Doug
So I purchased the activation, got myself a fresh save from my Xbox 360. I have only one new character, a Wizard, at Level 2 when I created the save from Xbox 360 to the USB. I decrypted the file using Horizon, then opened the D3 Save Editor, logged in, updated my characters level to 68. I then went ahead and created two new items in my hero's inventory. One is The Swami, patch 2.3. Now I don't even want to mod it much, I just want the basic version of this gear. So I just added some Intelligence, item level 27, legendary level 70. I did similar for Fazula's belt. I then saved everything back to the USB (replacing the files, save, hash and resign and all) and opened up the save on the XBox 360. I am not able to find the items that I just put in the inventory.

My ultimate aim is to export and import into Xbox One. What am I doing wrong?
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1 Answer

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answered Jun 3 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,908 points)  
Opening the save on the 360. You must export imidiatly...
commented Jun 3 by starofazkaranth Handy (27 points)  
You mean, without entering the game on the 360?
commented Jun 3 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,908 points)  
That's exactly what i mean do not enter the game just export.. The old gen console don't have patch 2.1.0 or higher patch so it will automatically sanitize the file...
commented Jun 3 by starofazkaranth Handy (27 points)  
OK thank you CKY for the quick response. I am a newbie at this, so I will try this out and come back if I run into something. Best regards!
commented Jun 3 by DJM76 Crackerjack (37 points)  
Almost everything you need to start is in the guides section
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