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closed how to create the amulet with 8k attributes?

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asked Jun 3 in General by chrismadd0820 Handy (31 points)  
closed Jun 4 by Doug
i was hoping someone can explain how to make the special amulet that gives +8k to stre dex int and 5k to your vit ive seen it being sold but id rather make it and i think the makers of it made it from the d3 ros editor on here, IVE TRIED prob about 15x to make this amulet but its impossible it seems with only 6 affixes
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2 Answers

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answered Jun 4 by DJM76 Elite (340 points)  
selected Jun 4 by DJM76
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Better question is, why would anyone need something like that if you are capable of modding your characters stats? but as far as i know, every item can have 3 sockets, amulets and rings are an exception and can hold 3 legendary gems, just add all of one stat to the amulet, then add all of another stat to 1 gem and so on.


amulet = 6 x whatever stat and 1 x 3 sockets (add all Vit if ya want)

gem 1 = 6 x int 1 x vit,

gem 2 = 6 x dex 1 x vit

gem 3 = 6 x str 1 x vit

6 x 1465 = 8790 and 4 x 1465 = 5860... tada
commented Jun 4 by chrismadd0820 Handy (31 points)  
i also couldnt find an amulet with + vit + stre + dex and + int it was always jsut 1 or 2 of the attributes
commented Jun 4 by Mairhouse Prime (264 points)  

The item linked is primal ancient and that is most likely the reason when you add in affixes and the 750 from the cube (monk passives and sockets). The alternative solution is that there is another avenue to manipulate gear that does not exist in the editor. If we are dealing with something that is not from the editor, which I doubt, then the answer will most likely not be available on a site that supports the editor. 

 @chrismadd0820 what system are you on. Be glad to meet you in game and discuss if Xbox.

commented Jun 4 by chrismadd0820 Handy (31 points)  
i actually am in game lol my name is spartanmaddux69 and i see where the primal part is i just dont get how many affixes they used and sounds good  if you want to talk it will prob be in an hour though im putting my 7mo son to bed
commented Jun 4 by Mairhouse Prime (264 points)  
In game message sent.
commented 4 days ago by King Plebeian (9 points)  
the amulet in question has it to where the 8k str dex and val is on one line i tryed to post a pic of the one i got duped to me but for some reason it wont let me post it...any admin that i have on my friends list i psn i can sent u the amulet in question.....
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answered Jun 4 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,132 points)  
The item is under review. Thank you.
commented Jun 5 by chrismadd0820 Handy (31 points)  
is the review over or will it notify me in my email or what exactly?
commented Jun 5 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,132 points)  
We will post here
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