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What is the difference between "item level" and "legendary level"? when can each be changed?

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asked Jun 4 in General by kurt1200rs Good (23 points)  
reopened Jun 5 by Doug
legendary level  vs. item level

i think this is causing an issue with connectivity

should they match?

should item level always be set to 0?
commented Jun 4 by DJM76 Elite (340 points)  
You posted this under "application issues"? changing to general
commented Jun 5 by kurt1200rs Good (23 points)  
every time i change "tem level" value to any number other than 0 or 70, i freeze the host or cannot join public game if the item is in my inventory or stash.
commented Jun 5 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,132 points)  
Show a screen shot of your properties.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 4 by DJM76 Elite (340 points)  
selected Jun 6 by DJM76
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To answer the question though, set it to 1, 0 assumes whatever the game sets it at, so if its a item with level 70 stats, the item will be set to 70 if you chose 0.

So item level 1, legendary level 70
commented Jun 4 by kurt1200rs Good (23 points)  
thank you masterful , i will search for 1, 70
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