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closed Really High DPS Weapons ???

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asked Jun 18 in General by FutureXP Knowing (73 points)  
closed Jul 16 by Doug

Hey guys , i have seen that one beast with over 610k dps. i tried to make the same but i cant see what is the different. i have same stats but the other weapon is much stronger. yes i use item quality for the gem of ease. i was one of the first with the over 400k dps weapons but that makes me crazy XD. u can add now more affixes ?? anything i dont know ?                  21                    

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commented Jun 21 by Prim Plebeian (9 points)  
When I was on the editor the other day I was looking through the raw tab and noticed that in there is a section to change the seed number and the enchant seed number on an item. Don't know if it does anything special but it also seems like the generator for the item's properties. If you increase the numbers I wonder if that does anything to the gem of ease. Also in this spot in the raw tab there is an embedded generator as well, know idea what that does but it seems interesting to me.
commented Jun 26 by FutureXP Knowing (73 points)  
moved Jun 26 by DJM76
dude u dont need anymore to roll, use primal ;)
commented Jul 15 by Dawnofhumansend Prime (253 points)  
The best I've come up with after 2 days tinkering...

Gem of ease




LV 70


RANK 300




I put this on a weapon with 84, 051 base damage and the result is 503, 120. After 2 rubies I get weapon with 703, 000 damage but have also gotten 721, 000 with a different 84k weapon.

I DUPED MY WEAPON out already.  Its a crowbar called "Victimizer" and it gies to my wiz set.

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answered Jun 18 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
Well your picture isn't very clear, but I'm going to say they used attack speed to make the weapon look like it does more damage then it really is. The number at the top isn't the weapons damage. Your skills are based off weapon damage.
commented Jul 9 by FutureXP Knowing (73 points)  
yeah from the ground thinking you are right,but, i one shot almost everything with both weapons. sure u have around 200 mio more damage but u only see that in inventory, not by the damage numbers because they still broken XD. so i like my weapon more is my opinion.

but hey everyone do what he like :)
commented Jul 9 by DJM76 Crackerjack (37 points)  
Yeah i like my weapon with more damage as well, thats why i don't use the attack speed on it.

 I seen a guy with a weapon that had 670k dps on it and yet his damage was way lower then mine with only 326k on my weapon lol. its always best to leave the attack speed off for the best damage overall, that other guy felt stupid for paying for paying for his weapon after i showed him mine.
commented Jul 22 by Master.Roshi Crackerjack (35 points)  
So 300k is the maximum possible effective  damage on a weapon ?

just made one following the guide …
commented Jul 22 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,844 points)  
561k is possible without attack speed added to the weapon
commented Jul 23 by Master.Roshi Crackerjack (35 points)  
Thanks for the answer Doug

I assume the difference is achieved with the tier quality of the gem of ease place as the two hand mace right?

i tried to do it but it did not improve the weapon damage

any hints ?
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