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Really High DPS Weapons ???

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asked Jun 18 in General by FutureXP Good (21 points)  

Hey guys , i have seen that one beast with over 610k dps. i tried to make the same but i cant see what is the different. i have same stats but the other weapon is much stronger. yes i use item quality for the gem of ease. i was one of the first with the over 400k dps weapons but that makes me crazy XD. u can add now more affixes ?? anything i dont know ?                  21                    

commented Jun 21 by Prim Plebeian (13 points)  
When I was on the editor the other day I was looking through the raw tab and noticed that in there is a section to change the seed number and the enchant seed number on an item. Don't know if it does anything special but it also seems like the generator for the item's properties. If you increase the numbers I wonder if that does anything to the gem of ease. Also in this spot in the raw tab there is an embedded generator as well, know idea what that does but it seems interesting to me.
commented 3 days ago by FutureXP Good (21 points)  
moved 2 days ago by DJM76
dude u dont need anymore to roll, use primal ;)

3 Answers

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answered Jun 18 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,132 points)  
Well your picture isn't very clear, but I'm going to say they used attack speed to make the weapon look like it does more damage then it really is. The number at the top isn't the weapons damage. Your skills are based off weapon damage.
commented Jun 18 by FutureXP Good (21 points)  
it is the last basic mace
commented Jun 18 by FutureXP Good (21 points)  
with this u can give ur weapon a basic damage of 1070. and it looks like there is a higher basic weapon but cant find :/
commented Jun 18 by chrismadd0820 Handy (31 points)  
im learning too as i am reading this what do you mean as the tier for the gem of ease...are you adding a tier on the gem of ease or on the weapon also if your in game on xbox my name is  CurrentMender23
commented Jun 18 by FutureXP Good (21 points)  
u give that tier on the gem of ease
commented Jun 18 by FutureXP Good (21 points)  


the gem u gave me boost my weapon to 679k dps, so it is for sure the gem of ease and a new tier i didnt know. lets find out
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answered Jun 21 by billy61300 Handy (25 points)  
This is a modification of the gems through the use of hex. Though it is rare and less common for people who use this tool. This is usually done by finding the block of code derived especially for the items sockets, then the socket is given affixes, usually of a sort of weapon damage multiplier or damage addition. Usually upon dropping these gems in a game allows them to be traded with other players but if the gems are not socketed into the gear before leaving the game there is a 38.4% chance of the item reverting due to activity of the gems and usage of it, for example I had made a ruby by locating the offset in HxD. Though since I had known the blocks of code being that the game uses them to hold data for the slot and the specifications of the items, I could alter them by as one of my attempts were to infinitely socket the gem with marquise rubies repeatedly until the game could not handle over 32 gems socketed into it. Though there are other ways to make it easier, I just found this method to be quick and simple instead of constantly adding a bunch of effects to reach my desired amount, and to make things interesting; the game may limit attributes, but sockets can be identified as block extenders allowing infinite capacity (relatively speaking). Though 32 was my max before crashing the game, and my damage showed up as 1,059,388.8 so it is possible.
commented Jun 22 by FutureXP Good (21 points)  
would like to talk with u about that
commented 6 days ago by billy61300 Handy (25 points)  
Hm? Well I'm not one for tutorials. Though I can tell you each block can vary so you need to test around with the code. I'm sure in the editor you can add affixes to gems, though it's not a static anomaly. You need to set the variable to a fixed state or use a different method. There is a method on this in another thread. Though my method more complex and uses signature blocks while the other deals with stat affixes to a limited number. There are multiple ways but a lot of them are flat DPS and not damage, for example if you change an items plain damage and multiply it with APS, though the damage flat out is not whatever you use but rather multiplied from the games calculators. Even so it can be set to get flat damage, such as multiplying gems into gems using sockets, though it does not always work, I would rate this method experimental usage, though it is capable through the hands of code developers or people who just understand it for that game.
commented 4 days ago by FutureXP Good (21 points)  
u play on PS4 or Xbox One ?
commented 4 days ago by chrismadd0820 Handy (31 points)  
or you can edit the id in the gems teir quality and youll get the same outcome ..
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answered 3 days ago by DJM76 Elite (340 points)  
Haven't bothered with D3 lately, but the actual item in question is a dev test weapon with 100k+ base damage on it, it has nothing to do with hex editing anything and is not currently in the editor last i checked, but i am supposed to say "The item is under review".

Yeah sure you can probably do as Billy was saying, but thats absolutely useless if it only lasts for a few minutes, its up to the individual if days of trying to figure it out is worth 5 minutes of play time with it.

OH and PS, post pics that are readable holy cow
commented 3 days ago by FutureXP Good (21 points)  
so , i just tried every dev weapon as a tier for the gem of ease and i can say: nothing bring my weapon to the 685k dps what i got with the gem of ease i´ve get from mender.

sorry for the bad pictures ;)
commented 3 days ago by DJM76 Elite (340 points)  
Yeah like i said in the post, the item in question isn't currently in the editor, no clue if they will put it back into the editor.
commented 3 days ago by FutureXP Good (21 points)  
aaah yes, i have to correct read ur post XD
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