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closed How come there is no option (or cannot find) for payment of an activation code through other means aside of WePay?

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asked Jun 19 in General by billy61300 Handy (25 points)  
closed Jun 20 by Doug

     My name is Will and I am currently trying to figure out how to pay for this without WePay.  I have checked on here where I have the option to purchase a one-month activation code though I try to find another way to pay but it says to go to WePay.  I don't have a WePay account though I still wish to purchase this code.  Is there a way to pay for the code but not use this method? 

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answered Jun 19 by CKY Supreme Overlord (1,908 points)  
selected Jun 20 by baking sodave
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WePay Is a credit card processor, You don't create an account with WePay, WePay crates your account with us.

WePay is one of many payment gateways on the market. to find out what a payment gateway is go to

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