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closed Info: How to Add hidden affix's to normal GEMs

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asked Jul 4 in Guide's by WDGizmo2 Pro (57 points)  
closed Jul 9 by Doug
I've looked around the site for any thing like this but could not find anything about it.
So here goes hope I'm not blow in the wind.
All you do is make a normal gem. Lets say a Ruby (Tier 19) Flawless Royal Ruby then go to properties
go down to Rarity and change it to say 6 rare Then
go down to Quantity and make it any number you like lets say 10,000
now go to rare name and change to something you like
Remember SAVE after all changes are finished.
Now go to Mystic and change Old Affix to something that isn't the same as the affix you're going to use.
Then Change New Affix to what you want.
Your done. Now how to using them works.. In game Throw them all on the ground BUT 1
and place in your gear. Then pick them back up and do it again.
You can make multiple gems of varying kinds. For Example: Resist All Elements on a Diamond will give you
roughly 227 Resist All Elements per gem so x 3 = 681 Resist All Elements.
Make sure that you add more in your stacks of modded gems so they don't mix with any normal gems you may have in your stash box and or inventory.

Hope I did not miss anything..
Happy Modding
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commented Jul 5 by DJM76 Crackerjack (37 points)  
edited Jul 5 by DJM76

This is common knowledge for years now on how to do this since the gems are exactly like armor and weapons, all ya do is the same exact thing you do to add affixes to armor and make it a gem, also the way you are going about equipping the gems takes way to long to do. 

the fastest way to sort the gems is to use the stash, here is a video from last year because a friedn was crying about how hard it was to socket all the gems, so i made him this video. and another super old video

Note: this video is older and ya don't have to roll a ton to get good stats, just make the gems all primal, so only check PRIMAL from the drop down.

commented Jul 6 by WDGizmo2 Pro (57 points)  
You act like everybody should know everything about the editor.. Let me tell u not everybody knows..

+ that info was not on the site at all when I made that comment..

And helping people out is a good thing.

not good when u be little or talk down to them.. because that gets u nothing at all.

this site is gret.. then theres YOU

Just saying

Lighten up a bit on your answers..just because You Know Everything Doesn't mean that the people at large do..
commented Jul 6 by DJM76 Crackerjack (37 points)  
The info was on the old site, most of it got deleted prior to this site going live though.

The comment is not offensive in any way, but people take it how they want. What I meant is that, once a person has learned to create an item such as a weapon or piece of armor, that its common sense on how to make gems and other stuff by then.

Sorry you didn't find this info helpful at all, maybe others will gain from it though and be able to do better now knowing more than they did before.

PS: did you at least try the gem sorting the way i described? works a ton better right ?

1 Answer

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answered Jul 4 by Doug Supreme Overlord (1,840 points)  
We are going to edit and move your post to the help area.
commented Jul 4 by WDGizmo2 Pro (57 points)  
That will Be Good Then

some help is good I Know

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